Monday, December 14, 2009

October 30th, 2009

It's beautiful here in Maryland right now. Back home, it's cold, and I hear that all of the leaves are gone. But here, the leaves are still on the trees and displaying deep reds and yellows. The weather is still warm, but there's a nice fall crisp in the air and under your shoes. It's perfect for walks in the park at night. On Friday night, Thomas and I did just that in the City Park in Hagerstown. We strolled around the pond and talked about the past, about the future, how good it is to be together and helping one another with life. Then we came to a point in the path where Thomas slowed way down. Then he stopped. He said, "I've never asked anything of you before, but now I have to ask you something." He lowered himself to one knee. "I'm not sure exactly where I'm going in life, but I know that I want to go there with you. Will you be my wife?"
I look at my hand, and it has the most beautiful ring on it. And I'm going to be my best friend's wife! We are planning to be married in Bottineau on December 19th.
Oh, it was so lovely. The future is bright and very happy!