Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I had a little flashback just now. There I was sitting on a metal folding chair on a cement floor looking up and forward to one of our leaders. She expressed, "I think when I get to heaven, I will ask God, 'Why do You love me?'" I knew so clearly her mind at that moment, because I thought the same thing. How could God ever love me?

Now I ask myself the same question, "Why do You love me?" and the answer seems clear and simple: "I AM." It's the answer to the question I thought I would ask until I got Home when the Maker of my soul Himself spoke to me. Turns out He didn't want to waste that much time. As He pulls me out of myself little by little in His sanctifying way, I see that He loves me because He is God. He doesn't love me because I am this or that or any other thing. He loves me because He is made of the stuff. Were He to leave me inside myself, I would ask the question until the question drove me into the depths of despair. I am nothing. But now I know Him a little more. I know He is of Himself. There is no other. There isn't even me. He is love, and he cannot but love me.