Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Automated Rejection Letters

I have been applying for jobs at our new home. I know that the perfect job will be offered to me at the perfect moment. I am not forgetting that as easily as I have in the past. 

However, today I received an automated rejection letter for a job I thought I really wanted - a job I thought was perfect for me. It was a position at an outpatient infusion center which is where they give chemotherapy, blood, antibiotics, etc., to patients that can walk in and out of the hospital each day. 

But then, later today, I applied for another job that I really want. I was thinking to myself, "kt, what do you really want to be doing career-wise in ten years?" And the answer is that I really want to be teaching nursing students. I love the thrill of seeing students understand something for the first time - of bringing them to that point skillfully. I love being with them when they experience their first patient death, when they experience their first victory in independent problem-solving, or helping them recover after their first patient yells at them. 

So I applied for a position teaching LPNs at the tech school Thomas is going to. And I was even so bold as to write in my cover letter that I've received a job offer for every interview I've ever had! That might've been a bold move, but I'll tell you: I'm tired of not getting face time.