Tuesday, December 03, 2013

hCG positive

Being pregnant is really terrible for some people. I'm not mentioning any names. But it's a sword, because others hope every day that they could have nine months of digestive problems, if only they could have a little baby at the end of it. And just like all of life, some people get what they hope for, and some people don't. And there's no understanding about why. And some people love being pregnant. Some people say they feel better when they're pregnant than at any other time. They're just weird.

Then for some people, eating is a chore more than ever before, and if you're not careful to eat right on time, you lose all your progress.  My relationship with vomiting has really flourished lately, even though I'm week 16, and vomiting is supposed to be becoming a distant memory. There are several levels of displeasure associated with this romance. Sometimes it's not so bad, really. But just like any close relationship, I find myself making choices based on its steady presence... like certain foods are good once, but not twice. Other foods are really mild the second time. And those foods win.

There's a book I read - from cover to cover - about giving birth naturally. I'm not afraid of that. But it says I should eat a lot every day, and I, personally, have a very hard time doing that lately.

4 glasses of milk. This is one quart. I have to say that I've been staying away from milk for a few years now. But after reading this list, I've purchased some Lactaid. Oddly, it tastes like sugar. And zucchini tastes like rancid acid.
2 eggs
2 servings of protein (and the milk/eggs don't count). It says you're supposed to get 85-100 grams of protein daily. This is absurd. I don't even like meat. And soy makes me nauseated when I'm not growing a human. Thomas says I can have some of his protein shake if I want. This makes me feel mildly uncomfortable.
2 servings of fresh green leafy vegetables. This is totally out. For more information, refer to paragraph 2.
4 or more slices of whole grains
1 citrus fruit. I can't do this for other health reasons, but I don't feel deprived.
3 pats of butter (all butter tastes rotten lately)
Other fruits and vegetables.
Not to mention the prenatal vitamin.

And then there's an "Also include in your diet" section that is just as long, as if the above weren't enough.

This list is very discouraging to me. All except the milk.

Maybe food will taste good again someday. They say relationships end the same way they start. I've found that to be true in my own relationships. This means one day, vomiting and me will just abruptly end. And I'll probably take my life without it for granted, just like before.

And maybe, if God wants, there will be a little baby instead.