Thursday, October 27, 2005

Some things that I have learned

God meets us where we're at. He doesn't expect us to clean up before we approach Him. He simply takes us as we are and then exchanges what we have for what He has (for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost).

When He meets us, He speaks our language. He doesn't just speak English or Korean or Spanish or Chinese. He speaks the semantics of my heart. He gives just enough for me to understand, and often, just enough for me to wonder if it was really Him or just coincidence. He waits for faith.

God is in the business of accomplishing the impossible. He softens rock hard hearts, creates something from nothing and teaches us to love. He often moves mountains that are invisible to us. We often wonder why He's not doing anything.

God is in pursuit of me. He is a warrior on a mission to save His future bride. He conquers enigmas as if they were no enigma at all. He cuts through the enemy like soft butter and a hot knife. He lays down His life and even gives it. He is righteous and loving and perfect. Yet, after everything, His greatest feat is quite possibly getting us to turn our heads and see Him.


Anonymous said...

I especially like the part about "God waits for faith". Very interesting. Pops

kt said...

Thanks pops.

Anonymous said...

Indeed God speaks our language! It has always amazed me as I've been in different Bible Studies that each one of us can study the same verses and each one of us gets exactly what we need, the encouragment, the correction or just a hug from the Lord. Each of us being touched in just the way we need it at that moment. Individual love and attention for each one in the study, each one in the entire world who is listening, desiring to hear from the master creator. Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

you always amaze me! seriously. whenever you talk I am made better for having heard you. that last paragraph was especially awesome to me. you have such insight and depth. you are beautiful kt on the inside and the outside. i like you so much! God bless you my awesome friend!

Anonymous said...

I love you Katie :) That is really awesome! You have made me such a better person

Rob F. said...

So like...As Cities Burn is an amazing band.