Monday, November 28, 2005


Casual sex is like a paintbrush in the beak of a dodo bird.

Paintbrushes were created to express and put into being an artist’s mind. A paintbrush in the beak of a dodo bird, however, would be a bummer.

I picture the bird pogo-ing around in ecstatic delight of its discovery of the paintbrush and then using it as a q-tip or a shovel.

The whole scenario makes me pity the dumb bird who has no idea what a paintbrush is really for.


Samantha said...

In one of my Take 5 Devotionals, it talks about sex as being a strong intimate bond with your spouse and not to be broken easily. The analogy used was that people are like tape and when you put two pieces of tape together, they loose their "stickiness" and therefore it becomes harder for the tape or people to bond.

Anonymous said...

That is definately a unique similie for casual sex. However, I think the dodo bird would have a very diffucult time pogo-ing around with a paintbrush as it has no spring and the poor dodo has no hands to hang on to it. Perhaps he does, however, use it to brush all his friends' hair.

kt said...

Actually, the dodo bird isn't using the paintbrush as a pogo stick. The bird itself is simply pogo-ing with no pogo stick. I actually imagined the bird hopping around ecstatically like birds do as if the bird was a pogo stick; it was so delighted in its discovery.

But, I, too, after reading my own writing a couple times, ran into the problem of a dodo bird using a paintbrush as a q-tip. Does it even have ears big enough to shove the paintbrush into?

whatsmybraindoinganyway said...

the problem actually lies further beyond his ears and rather more along the line of how would a dodo use the q-tip. certainly he cannot use his beak to move the q-tip to clean his ears, and fully complete the process. Well who's even kidding, he couldn't even start the process. Un less of course he used his wing to move the q-tip. but how can wing grip a stick, unless they have little finger like things like bat wings, but that is highly unlikely. And the absurd thought of it using its leg is completely out. leg motion is forward and backward, therefore there will be no cleaning involving the legs, only severe poking of the eyeball, and tripping of the paint brush and the legs backward motion. Enough said now though, this is all so very deep, my brain needs a rest