Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ever After

I watched Ever After a few days ago. It's funny how movies, more often than not, send me plummeting to an inward - forever inward - battlefield in my mind. There, everything is deep, raw, and life-altering.

As I sank further into myself after watching it, I related to the heroine of the story. In case it's been awhile, Ever After is sort of a Cinderella story. Towards the end, everything is lost. She has been bought by this really ugly, yucky guy. But, somehow, she worms her way out of the whole situation and is leaving his estate. Just then, the handsome prince comes to save her from the ugly, yucky guy, but she's already saved herself from the ugly, yucky guy; yet, she knows that something's still missing. She's saved herself from some things, but not everything. She still needs to be saved from the destiny of filth that's been handed to her and expected from her. She needs to be saved from being forced to settle for the drudgery of everyday life. She needs to be saved from the absence of hope of Happily Ever After.

The handsome prince does it.

I have saved myself from a lot of painful things - wormed my way out of some pretty helter skelter situations, and still, I need to be rescued. I need someone to be willing to openly view the sorrows that this life has handed to me -big and small- and free me from them. I need a prince charming to say to me, "I'm so glad you've waited for happily ever after. You don't have to let go of your dream. You will
live happily ever after, and you will do it in my strong arms."

And then the Lord Jesus whispers to me, "Your hopes about happily ever after will not be dashed to pieces nor forgotten. They will not fail. You will live happily ever after, and you will do it in my strong arms."


Becky Nelson said...

Its hard to shift gears from the romantic dream of human fulfillment to really believing that God can fulfill my deepest longing. It has taken so many years to get close to believing it even though I gave it lip service for years and felt sure I was supposed to strive for it.
So, finally after years and years of marriage I am just beginning to let go of my romantic dream.
OK God. What now?
It is scary to imagine the places he might take me.
But I know deep down it has to be good. Love that movie.

kt said...

Thanks for your comment, Becky.
You know...I can't imagine life without Him. He frees us. Without Him and the hope of seeing Him face to face - this world is nothing more than a miserable, unfair disappointment.

Sorrow and joy in that, huh?

Basil Knebel said...


thats quite the deep thoughts. I like reading your blog because it pulls me back on God's track myself! Keep it up.