Tuesday, August 08, 2006

beautiful girls

I babysat some girls a few nights ago.

Have you ever noticed how statements like that sometimes seem like frustrating preliminaries? They provoke in you some emotions, because you understand everything that is associated with that sentence, but to others, it is a frustrating preliminary.

Nevertheless, I babysat some girls a few nights ago.

They were beautiful. It struck me. They were each intrinsically, inherently captivating. The kind that melts your heart and makes you want them to only experience the best all their lives and not be tattered ever by the world and its ways. 10, 7 and 2. I think. They all had the same mother, but three different fathers, and even though I have never met any of their fathers, I could see them in those girls.

The youngest they called Tator, a little girl who is as raw in her beauty as two-year-old girls should be. She behaved in such a way that results from the mindset and heart attitude, "Look at me! Look at how pretty I am!" - a mindset us older girls lose grips on much too quickly.

We watched Old Yeller which produced in me, as movies often do, an array of a deep monologue of thoughts and a representation in symbols of concepts deeper than the actual movie (that is worthy of its own blog), but the present demand for attention is one little girl who didn't care much about anything on the tv, but stared at me as I watched it. In her gaze, she reached her little glommy hand over and touched my arm softly. She was enamored as little children often are with new and had a grin as she looked at me. But there was a question she asked by her gesture. Am I lovable? Do you, new girl, do you love me? Am I lovely?

Of course you are, dear one, "Do you want to come by me?" She nodded in response and came next to me where we watched the movie together.

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J. Holo said...

i love it how children are so open with their feelings cause they don't know how to hide it.... especially when those feelings are very endearing. :) my mom has a day care and not long ago, when i came home from work or school, i'd walk to the back and i'd have 4 kids on me, crying, "Jonathan Jonathan!" like i was some sort of king coming back from the battlefield... or maybe something not so epic. haha... they teach us a lot about ourselves too, don't they? i guess if i did a post like yours, i'd say, "stalwart boys". cause i think every little boy wants to grow up to be a mighty warrior. at, least, from the look of the boys in our day care, that's what you'd think. "am i might? am i fierce?"... reminds me of "wild at heart".