Sunday, January 03, 2010

Marriage of the Lamb

I wrote this song to be sung at my wedding. Besides being married at the end of the day, I wanted very much to bless those that came with the idea that this ceremony is just a foreshadow. One day, we'll be dressed in clean garments and be presented to our bridegroom. Check out Revelation 19-22 for the full effect. It's intense.

Marriage of the Lamb

Behold, the bride has been made ready.
She wears the white dress of the saints.
She has been waiting just to see him.
She'll be with him today, the start of forever.

Behold the groom has come back for his bride.
His face was hidden for a time.
Now he has come to wipe her tears away.
He'll be with her today, the start of forever.

Behold the marriage of the Lamb.
Behold His covenant is strong.
He’s come to save his bride from darkness.
They'll join as one today, the start of forever.

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Jason said...

Reminds me of an old hymn I really like, especially the last two verses, "Midst the darkness, storm and sorrow."