Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My friend, Katelyn

Call to prayer:

My friend is sick. But she's not sick in any of the ways sickness has been defined for me in the past. She's a new kind of sick.

She fell snow-boarding. And my dad's annoyed that she was snow-boarding, because he thinks skiers are far superior. Her pelvis, it seems, broke away from the parts that hold it in place. She has a problem with her body that causes it not to heal those parts. Me and you would heal just fine. But she's not healing on her own.  Her pelvis moves all willy-nilly causing excruciating pain whenever she does anything involving the pelvis - which is everything, by the way. Her mobility has been compromised to a degree that causes great loss and grief in many areas of life. She's going to need a miracle for her body to be restored to pre-fall conditions.

She's undergoing and exploring different kinds of treatments right now. She's travelling far to see a specialist for SI joint fusion to try to get some answers this week. By hearsay, that option has not seemed promising. She's also undergoing a very new kind of treatment called platelet-rich plasma injections to try to get her body to produce more collagen, the stuff that holds a pelvis in place. She's had limited to no success so far, but it seems that this treatment may typically go slowly. It's hard to tell.

Please pray with me that her body responds miraculously to these injections, and that she leans heavily on Jesus as she finds ways to cope with these new losses. Pray that God's glory would be made known in her, that His will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. We have no hope but in God all the time, but right now, we can see it. He is our light and our salvation. He makes our mourning into gladness.

Please pray for miraculous healing in my friend Katelyn.

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