Monday, September 17, 2007


I'm studying fetal development, chapter 7, which happens to be 35 pages long...

It says that the little one doesn't even look like a baby at first, but like a little lizard. Soon, even at 7 weeks, the little guy starts to look like a person and has the very beginning of all the major things that he will have when he's born. I'm not sure by when, but if he's a she, she even has all the eggs of her future babies inside of her before she is born.

and in all this, I find myself wondering how in the world God, who is so big, can have small enough fingers to formulate these things that go on inside the mother of a little baby. I guess I picture an enlarged version of my dad when I personify God. But I know that if God were my dad, he would never be able to manipulate his fingers in those tiny spaces.

Even with all the intricacies that go on in our bodies and make our eventual three and a half pounds of brains functional, we're still limited in our thinking. We think about things we can't see as though we could see them.

But our development goes beyond birth, even beyond death, and in the end, we will know even as we are fully known and see the unseeable person of God.

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