Saturday, June 14, 2008


It's been a perfect day here, the kind that makes me want to go jump in the lake. So my roomie and I scoped out a county park with sand and sun and water. it was perfect. and while I was mulling over Elizabeth Elliot's words about her early missionary experiences with the Colorado indians, I heard a strange thing a few yards away. A big hispanic man in a hawaiian button-up put some plugs in his ears and began to serenade his beer at a picnic table. Intermittently, he would let out an elated, whiny sort of chuckle.

"I can't get through a page." My roomie had a tough time letting our live music remain in the background when a man fully decked out in a black wet suit with a huge white scorpion on his significant belly came into our view saying to his woo-ee, "Anytime I see water, I just want to get all decked out in a wet suit and jump in." Throughout our stay, he continued to woo his special friend with replaying of his latest video game victories. He laid on his side with his head propped up on one hand - feet in the water, head out, wooing her.

It was very Napoleon.

"I keep thinking of deer." My roomie was referring to our latest encounter with the security guard here at Evanston who told us that we need to drive really slowly right by the speed bump, because deer like to run out of the woods, "And if one of those hits your car, boy, yoo knoh, it's totaled." He sort of looks like a worn-out version of Nicolas Cage. He's got his hip shades. I think they're stolen from the fresh prince of Bel-Air himself.

Oh, the people.

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