Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm all alone here.
People all around me,
but none are mine.
Half mine, but time steals.
Half mine, but time steals away the other half, as always.
A beautiful man here,
a beautiful girl there - all half mine, but not for long.

Is the memory worth it?
I can't know this.
I try to solve this puzzle.
Is the memory worth the pain?

Kairos to kairos I move.
Recall only those lasting things.
Forget all the rest,
though others remember and wonder where my head is.

It's in the clouds.
It's in the kairos.
It's with You,
with each person for a moment;
it's with You - far away with You.

You know all these people,
here and there,
break off a piece of kairos,
stick it in my head.
Heads up! Where did time go?
They're all gone.
Tasted things are gone - forever eaten.
All but You: You never go.
You never do.

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Anonymous said...

After I looked up kairos it really made sence. I could almost feel your message. Cool! Life - what an interesting adventure. Happy almost November day! MoM