Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Look.

Do you like it?

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Samantha said...

Hi! Just want to let you know it's cool that you read my blog. I didn't think anyone really did. I'm curious as to how you came across it. Hah. Anyway, the Jon fellow is actually my best friend. I'm in love with him and all. And to answer your question, a type two personality is The Giver. Basically someone who wants to be seen as a loving and caring person but at the same time want to feel needed. Apparently everyone has different personality types with both good and bad qualities. You should look up where you fit in! It's interesting. But thanks so much for commenting. It's nice to know people see what I write. I know you said you haven't read everything but just to warn you, if you happen to, you might think I'm petty insane. Blah, but I'm nice! I can assure you of that! Well, maybe I'll see you around in the blogging world. Heh. :)