Thursday, July 24, 2008

Can I tell you something?

Do you know? I love my job. Can you tell? I like going to work. Did you hear? I love taking care of these people.

I went to visit my Norsk today. He went to a different unit after spending some time in the ICU. He's pretty confused, seeing things, saying strange things; he looks pretty beat up, too. He has a tube coming out of the spot above his eyebrow to drain whatever might be building pressure behind his eye. He's got a gigantic clot of blood underneath his nose and a few cuts from surgery. But he's breathing easily. He's alive. He recognized me when I visited him. He held my hand and made that noise of recognition. "You work here, too?"

Haha. Oh, I love my Norwegian man. His wife is doing quite well. Sometimes she laughs at the things he says, cause they're so weird. Sometimes it's laugh or cry. When you choose to laugh, it's actually funny. She said she slept well last night. Rest for the weary. Who came up with that? Thank You.

I hung a red sheet up in my window, and it makes everything in my room warm and red. I am definitely going to make a habit of that. And we made it to sushi tonight. And it was good.

I'm trying to stay up a little because I have nights M,T,W next week. But I'm tired. It's only 11:30.

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